Threats to IT Infrastructure

With so much of our business done online nowadays, we are prone to many new types of threats to IT infrastructure. Express Computers knows one of the most heavily targeted business areas for new threats is the IT department and its infrastructure. It’s no secret that almost all businesses now store their most valuable data and information in some form of computer capacity. Because of this, there has been a substantial increase in cyber attacks targeting both business and personal IT infrastructures. Hackers and cyber attacks aren’t the only threat to IT infrastructure. Budgetary constraints, improper employee training/protocol and inappropriate usage of a company’s IT equipment all contribute to risk among the IT department. Learn more about these threats and how to prevent them below:


Budgetary Constraints

Believe it or not, one of the biggest threats to IT infrastructure can be the lack of budget. The increase of cyber threats and attacks on IT systems has resulted in a massive demand for IT security and protection. Large companies are now spending a significant amount of money in order to beef up their IT infrastructure. The demand increase has lead to an overall increase in IT costs. While still affordable to the larger companies, an effective IT infrastructure can be quite expensive for small businesses. That’s why partnering with the right business IT service is crucial for small businesses. Express Computers is a professional IT Partner that offers emergency response, project planning, consulting, installation, server maintenance and repairs, all at an affordable price.


Improper Employee Training and Protocol

Another significant threat to a business’s IT infrastructure is the employees. If employees are not properly trained with regards to online protocol, security and best practices, their online activity can become a serious threat. In order to protect an IT infrastructure from this threat, Express Computers recommends setting up proper employee training systems and standards that will educate and hold employees accountable for their online activity.


Inappropriate Usage of IT Equipment

With proper IT training systems and standards set in place, it is hoped that inappropriate usage of IT equipment can be prevented; however, this isn’t always the case. Activities such as music, movies and software pirating can result in serious computer and IT infections such as malware, viruses and privacy breaches. Many of these threats can occur without the user knowing it which is even more detrimental to a business’s IT infrastructure. Partnering with a professional IT company like Express Computers can help protect your business’s IT department from all of these dilemmas.


If you would like to learn more about how to protect yourself or your business from IT infrastructure threats, contact the computer and IT experts at Express Computers. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have. We specialize in business IT services, personal tech services, computer hardware and software and more. To contact us, please give us a call at 604-888-7904 or visit us in person at our Langley location.

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