CryptoLocker Virus Removal and Prevention

Cybersecurity is a hot topic in the IT industry and unfortunately it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. One of the subjects we often get asked about at Express Computers has to do with CryptoLocker virus removal and prevention. CryptoLocker software is a malicious form of ransomware that first began attacking computers and their networks back in 2013. It infects Windows operating computers through email attachments that are often disguised as if they have been sent from recognizable, reputable companies. Once the ransomware locks onto the computer’s network, it encrypts all of the network files. Even if only one computer on a network of 50 is infected, all of the files on that entire network are at risk of becoming encrypted. Even the most secure networks can be affected by the virus, as was seen with a Massachusetts police department that was forced to pay a CryptoLocker ransom of several hundred dollars a few years back.


Once the network’s files have been encrypted, the user receives a ransom message demanding a bitcoin transfer in order to obtain a key capable of decrypting the files. The ransom demanded can range between thousands to tens of thousands of dollars and is requested in bitcoin currency in in order to remain untraceable. The two most common questions that Express Computers receives about CryptoLocker are to do with the removal and prevention of the malicious software. Learn more about each below.

How do I remove CryptoLocker?

Although the original CryptoLocker Trojan was destroyed in 2014 thanks to a team of researchers, there are many CryptoLocker replicas out there that continue to pose a threat to computers. Due to the time sensitivity and importance of one’s computer files, it is always best to contact an experienced team of IT and computer professionals if you believe that your computer has been infected by CryptoLocker. Unfortunately, recovering the encrypted files is a challenging task and is not always possible even if handled early. The team at Express Computers has the knowledge and experience necessary to help rid your computer of the ransomware and protect it from future attacks. Do not risk losing all of your network’s files. If you believe that your computer may be infected by CryptoLocker, call Express Computers immediately and let our team go to work.

How can I prevent CryptoLocker?

Unfortunately, removing CryptoLocker and restoring encrypted files is difficult and does not always yield success. At Express Computers, we believe that fighting the CryptoLocker ransomware is best done through prevention. There are several simple steps that businesses can take to prevent the CryptoLocker virus from infecting computers and entire networks. Backing up computer data onto a different network is a good start; however, it does not always guarantee that the files will be protected. Express Computers recommends backing up computer data on a daily basis or as often as possible.


Running a clean computer is another crucial step in helping to prevent the CryptoLocker virus from infecting your computer network. If you are unsure whether or not you are running a clean computer, contact the experts at Express Computers. Most importantly, be cautious and skeptical of all emails, especially those with attachments. If you receive an email from a shipping company or bank that you do not do business with, do not open the email or any of the emails attachments, especially not while on a company network. If you have received an email that you believe to be malicious, please feel free to let the computer and IT experts at Express Computers take a look at it to determine whether or not it is safe. Not only can we determine the validity of the email, we can help protect your computer and network from future email attacks.


If you have questions about CryptoLocker removal and prevention, please contact Express Computers at 604-888-7904. If you think your computer may be infected by CryptoLocker software, it is important to get help immediately. Our team of computer and IT experts are fully equipped to ensure that your computer remains protected. Do not hesitate to call us. We specialize in business IT services, personal IT services, computer hardware and computer software. Make sure you have the right computer and IT team behind you. Call us today.


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