Secure Email for Businesses

Express Computers knows no matter what size of business you own, the security of your company’s sensitive data and key information should be of utmost importance. Cyber attacks on small businesses are becoming increasingly popular and now, more than ever, it’s critical to protect your business. Thankfully there are simple and cost-effective solutions in place to prevent email hacking and cyber attacks. The first step in protecting your small business from cyber threats is to partner with a trusted team of business IT professionals. Express Computers has been helping small businesses secure their company email systems for several years now. Here are three expert tips to consider when securing email for your business:

1. Develop a cyber security plan

Cybersecurity can often be a complex subject for business owners and it’s often unclear where one should start. When looking into secure email for businesses, it’s always best to begin by contacting a business IT service provider and asking as many questions as possible. A computer services company like Express Computers will answer any questions you may have and help formulate a cyber security plan for your business. Within this planning process, we will work with you to identify your business’s email and cyber security needs. From there, we will help develop a plan that is both affordable and effective for your business, ensuring that your company’s emails stay secured.

2. Establish best practices and email protocol for employees

After developing a cybersecurity plan to secure your business’s emails, it’s important to bring all employees on board during the implementation process. This means establishing some best practices and protocols for internal and external emails and ensuring that email expectations are made clear and followed accordingly.

3. Encryption is key

A key thing to consider when looking into cybersecurity systems for your business is email encryption. There are several different options available for businesses including additional email software, plugins or third-party services. Whichever option you decide on for your business is dependent upon its size, cyber security needs and budget. The business IT service experts at Express Computers are knowledgeable in all of these areas and will partner alongside you to determine which option is most suitable for your business.

If you have any questions about secure email for business, please contact the computer and IT professionals at Express Computers. We have a team of experts ready to answer all of your questions, no matter how simple or technical they may be. Also, feel free to drop by our Langley location or gives us a call at 604-888-7904.


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