Letter Of Nomination – Langley Chamber of Commerce


September 22, 2014
Kristine Simpson, President
Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce
#1 – 5761 Glover Rd.
Langley, BC V3A 8M8

Dear Ms. Simpson,
We are proud to endorse the nomination of Express Computers for the 2014 Business Excellence Awards in the Business of the Year and Service Excellence categories.
As the accountants and long‐term clients of Express Computers, we can attest to the Company’s dedication to provide remarkable service to their clients. Over the past 20 years, Express Computers has grown from a basement home business to one of the lower mainland’s leading IT consulting firms and retail stores.

The Company upholds the highest standards for the wide range of services it provides, and there is no distinction between ‘big and small’ clients or customers when it comes to the quality of service offered. Their commitment to professionalism and best practice is embraced by every staff member at every level and location, regardless of their position. You will receive the same courtesy and consideration as a walk‐in retail customer as you would as a corporate client. It is the tireless efforts of Darren Layton and his team that sets apart Express Computers to be the finest example of an industry leader.

Express Computers also recognizes the support it receives from the communities and businesses that it serves. The Company gives back to the community through its involvement in volunteer programs, sponsorship’s of events and organizations, and gifts to charity. In the past, they have partnered with Food Banks BC, supported community sports teams, and contributed to several fundraisers for Community Social Welfare Programs. The Company and its staff members realize that profits do not precede people, and they show this by giving back to the community It is our great honour and privilege to support this nomination of Express Computers for Business of the Year and Service Excellence in both its business operations and as a community leader.

Ross DeMello, CGA
Principal, Loen & Company

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