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Apple Malware Update

It’s been barely one week since the newest Apple malware update for iOS devices (iPads, iPhones) was announced. Wirelurker is a type of Malware that can be installed on Apple Mac systems (iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air) and then transferred to your iPad/iPhone once you connect by way of a USB cable.

How the new Apple malware update affects users

Yesterday it was announced that a modification of this malware was discovered call “Masque Attack” that attacks the iPad directly. Both bypass Apple’s security checks built into the operating systems and can install their own apps as easily by inviting you to visit a website which then prompts you to install a new App. The new App can then replace any application on the iPad or iPhone and look identical to the apps they replace. This includes email, banking and other third party applications. If the user introduces his or her login credentials in those apps that information will be stolen by the malware creators.

Do not install any applications from any websites other than the official Apple App Store. Also ignore any links provided in emails that purport to be new Apple apps. If you have any questions about the new Apple malware update and how it may affect, please contact the managed IT experts at Express Computers.


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