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Small Business IT Services

Express Computers is proud to offer ongoing small business IT service protection to small businesses throughout the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area. Unfortunately, small businesses are not immune to the growing threat of IT hacks, viruses and malware. As discussed in last month’s blog article, the malicious ransomware CryptoLocker can have a detrimental effect on small business data and digital assets. By partnering with a knowledgeable IT service and IT support provider like Express Computers, small businesses receive IT protection, data backup, email security services and more at affordable rates. If your small business does not currently have an IT consultant, its valuable information and data could be at risk. Consider partnering with a team of IT professionals that are committed to your business’s security. Here are 3 reasons to take advantage of small business IT services from Express Computers.

Small business IT services help protect your business

One of the most valuable assets of a business is its information and data. Each day, the topic of cybersecurity is becoming increasingly relevant as we see more and more businesses facing malicious cyber threats. Partnering with a small business IT service provider is like having your own personal IT department on call 24/7. Our team uses an advanced set of tools and technologies to frequently monitor your IT system’s performance, ensuring that your data remains secure. We can run advanced diagnostics, repair and data recovery when needed. Let our expert team help keep your business’s data protected.

Small business IT services are affordable

Express Computers understands that hiring an IT department is not a feasible option for most small businesses, especially for small businesses with only one or two employees. The cost of hiring a single IT manager can easily surpass an annual salary of $50,000. Although this is simply unaffordable for most small businesses, it does not mean that the business’s information and data are any less valuable. Express Computers can provide all of the important maintenance, protection, and troubleshooting that an IT department would, minus the cost of a fixed annual salary. Unlike some IT departments, the small business IT services at Express Computers offer emergency IT protection when needed.

Small business IT services can positively impact your bottom line

Partnering with a small business IT service provider is not just about protecting your business from threats. The right managed IT service provider should also help recommend solutions that will help your small business grow. Our expert team can recommend the best software, hardware and licensing packages to ensure that your business is not only operating at its best but that it is fully prepared for future growth.


If you would like to learn more about small business IT services from Express Computers, please contact us at 604-888-7904. Along with small business IT services, we also offer IT services for medium and large businesses. Our professional team specializes in business IT services, personal IT services, computer hardware and computer software. When it comes to the protection of your business and its assets, make sure you have the right team behind you.


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