IT Security Tips

One of the biggest challenges that any company owner must face is making sure that you properly protect your company’s important information. At Express Computers, we understand that there is nothing scarier than losing pieces of vital company information, whether it was misplaced or your company was hacked. That is why we offer a wide range of managed IT services to help your company maintain proper information security.

What is Information Security?

Information security, also known as infosec, is a set of strategies that are designed to help you manage the processes, tools, and policies necessary to preventing, detecting, documenting, and countering threats to both digital and non-digital information. One of the biggest parts of information security is establishing a set of business processes that will work to protect your information assets, regardless of how the information is formatted or whether it is in transit, being processed, or is at rest in storage.

Information Security Policy Tips

Information security policies are the foundation of any good organization because they establish the framework that allows your team to develop a common understanding of the expectations, goals, and objectives of management. Given the fast pace at which technology is evolving, information security policies require strategy and effort to set up, enforce, and maintain. If you are looking to setup an effective set of information security policies, these tips can help you get started.

1. Involve All Lines of Business

Using a collaborative approach when developing your information security policies helps ensure that all of your business related issues are addressed. If security policies are developed solely within the IT department, important business considerations may be at risk. It is important to keep in mind that IT specialists are not cyber security specialists, so you should consult a cyber security expert, as well as internal human resources, legal, compliance, and finance teams before implementing your information security policies.

2. Define How to Create and Maintain Security Policies

Clearly defining the processes for initiating, creating, reviewing, and approving policies will create a standard that your employees can follow. Make sure to use directive language as you write the security policies to ensure that they are easy to comply to. You should also develop a standalone document for underlying methods and technology required to implement the controls in support of the policies.

3. Review Information Security Policies Regularly

It is important to implement a regular review schedule of policies to ensure that your information security policies remain aligned with your business objectives, as well as to identify the need for any new or revised policies and to confirm that policies continue to provide the necessary elements to determine or interpret conflicts that may arise.

At Express Computers, we understand that establishing security policies is a labour intensive but incredibly important process. If you would like to learn more about information security, or how we can help you properly maintain your information security, please contact the IT experts at Express Computers at 604-888-7904.


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