Considering Windows 10? Consider Compatibility.

At Express Computers, we believe Windows 10 presents quite possibly the best version of Windows ever released. With some of its best features from both Windows 7 and Windows 8 rolled into one. It’s fast, it’s familiar…but is it fully compatible?

Windows 10 Business Applications

Many of you use business applications that may (or may not) have issues running in Windows 10, including web applications that rely on Internet Explorer to run. While still in its infancy, making sure it is right for you today, is a question we take very seriously. Although we believe this new operating system will be the next cornerstone, the transitional period is often scary and many businesses are either reluctant, or too eager to upgrade. We are here to help guide you through the steps of the upgrade, but most importantly when your infrastructure is compatible.

Be sure to talk to us if you are thinking of upgrading. It may be best to upgrade one system and test all of your applications and compatibility before upgrading your entire office.

Here are some useful links on Windows 10:

Happy Computing!

The Express Computers Team


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