Choosing the Right Computer Hardware

Computer hardware consists of all of the physical parts that make up a computer. There are many different pieces of hardware that a computer requires in order to function effectively. These include the external parts that we are all accustomed to such as the monitor, keyboard and mouse as well as the internal parts such as the hard disk drive, memory (RAM), motherboard and more. If you are planning on building your own computer or purchasing a new computer, there are some important things you will need to consider with regards to the computer’s hardware components. Thankfully, Express Computers has the inside scoop on choosing the right computer hardware. We break down how you should go about evaluating computer hardware for your next purchase or project below:

What is your budget for spending on a computer?

Choosing the right computer hardware begins with determining your budget. Once you decide how much you would like to spend on a new computer, you can evaluate which computer hardware components are the most important. Express Computers can help work with your budget to ensure that you are getting a computer that has the proper hardware components at an affordable price. Express Computers has a huge selection of both new computers, refurbished computers, and computer hardware components.

Who will be using the computer?

If you are the only person that will be using the computer then there is no need to consider the preferences of others; however, if the computer is a family computer or one that will be used by more than one person, it is important to take the needs of others into consideration as well. Many of us have different preferences when it comes to keyboard size, mouse sensitivity, and screen size/resolution. In this case, choose a computer that is best suited to everyone’s needs. Talk to everyone who will be using the computer and determine which features are most important to them.

What will the primary function of your computer be?

Will you be using the computer for business, pleasure or a bit of both? It is important to consider this question because this will significantly impact the type of hard disk drive, memory (RAM), motherboard and graphics card needed. If the primary function of the computer will be internet browsing then the hard disk drive, memory and graphics card will not be as important; however, if you plan on running any type of heavy software programs or games then you will need to spend more time evaluating the types of internal computer hardware components.


If you have any questions or you would like to learn more about the inside scoop on choosing the right computer hardware, we are happy to help. Please contact Express Computers at 604-888-7904 or visit us in person at our Langley location. We have been specializing in business IT services, personal IT services, computer hardware and software, and more for over 20 years. When it comes to computer and IT services, it is important to make sure you have the right team behind you. Contact the experts at Express Computers today.


Struggling to choose the right hardware? We can help.

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