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Burnaby Managed IT Services

Business and Managed IT Services in Burnaby

At EC Managed IT, we offer professional IT services for various businesses throughout Burnaby. Our managed IT services can help protect your business from cybersecurity threats and IT emergencies. Our professional IT experts provide IT consultation, maintenance, and support, keeping your business’s systems and data secure. Small, medium and large businesses in Burnaby trust our team to manage their company’s IT systems.

24/7 Emergency IT Support in Burnaby

An IT emergency can strike at any time. Unfortunately, the majority of IT emergencies are cybersecurity-related, putting valuable business data and information at risk. If cybersecurity threats are not handled immediately, the results can be disastrous. If your business is faced with an IT emergency, contact EC Managed IT right away. Our knowledgeable IT staff can help to greatly reduce the impact of your emergency by either recovering compromised data or supplying backup equipment. We can provide fast turnarounds on equipment rentals or replacements.

To prevent IT emergencies from occurring in the future, our IT experts can help your business set up preventative measures that will secure your IT systems and data.

Why Choose EC Managed IT for Burnaby Managed IT Services?

Burnaby businesses of all sizes continue to trust our professional team at EC Managed IT because we care as much about your business as you do. When you hire EC Managed IT for managed IT services, it is like having your own personalized IT department at a fraction of the cost. Our knowledgeable staff of IT professionals are fast, friendly and efficient.

Professional IT Experts in Burnaby

At EC Managed IT, our IT department is made up of professional IT experts that are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of computer hardware, computer software, and IT systems. Each of our team members has a distinct specialization which allows our team to fully support Burnaby businesses in all areas of IT.

Personal Technology Services

In addition to our managed IT services for Burnaby businesses, our team also provides personal technology services in Burnaby. We provide data backup, data recovery, email security and anti-virus protection services for personal computers and laptops. If you believe that your personal computer has been infected with malware, viruses or unwanted programs, please contact EC Managed IT immediately so that we can quickly secure your personal information and computer files. Our team works fast to identify any problems or security issues that may be affecting your computer’s performance.

Computer Hardware and Software

At EC Managed IT, we also have access to a great selection of computer hardware and software. If your Burnaby business is looking to upgrade its computer systems or software, talk to the team at EC Managed IT first. We can assist with software licensing and packages so that your business is not paying for additional software that it does not need.

To learn more about managed IT services in Burnaby, please contact the IT professionals at EC Managed IT. Call us at 604-888-7904 or fill out a service form.