Better Collaboration with Microsoft’s SharePoint

Communication & Collaboration are Keys to Success

Team collaboration within an enterprise is nothing new– however, the way teams collaborate in a modern business work environment has changed significantly. With or without the pandemic we have been heading towards this new way of collaborating for many years. With a dynamic workforce operating remotely, in-office, or a hybrid of both… enterprises have been compelled to deploy better tools to accommodate for a variety of environments. The existing need is still there, for you and your team to be able to connect with clients and communicate with each other.

Microsoft SharePoint, supported by Office 365 is a cloud based tool, one of the more powerful and useful tools at that, and could provide just the edge your business needs to keep your employees engaged, productive, and ahead of the competition..

Microsoft SharePoint

With SharePoint, you and your team can create a customized collaboration environment best suited for your business needs. Microsoft SharePoint is a form of cloud computing which makes sharing, managing, and finding documents easy. Cloud computing can help small to medium sized (SMB) businesses in many ways, the most important being able to utilize a range of services that larger enterprise businesses use, at a fraction of the cost. SharePoint Integration into your existing IT infrastructure can elevate your business through these benefits listed below:

  1. Team-only access – Only members specifically designated and authorized can access the documents located on their particular SharePoint server.
  2. Stay Organized with a Central Location – SharePoint becomes the central virtual location where team members can meet and store documents and files.
  3. Simultaneous Editing – Every document, and every edit of a document, is saved instantaneously and continuously to the cloud (similar as Microsoft OneDrive) which increases productivity and the ability to collaborate across organization.
  4. Manage – Effectively manage your infrastructure to reduce cost, risk, and time. You can set tasks for team members to create a more efficient way to work.
  5. Share – Engage with your team members, share ideas, and reinvent the way you work together through shared Calendar, notebook, chat…etc.

SharePoint Experts

As Microsoft Gold Partners, EC Managed IT has expertise in and around Microsoft SharePoint and can not only help you in deploying and migrating your organization onto SharePoint, but we take the extra step in ensuring that all end-users (your employees) are fully trained within SharePoint and the tools that it has to offer.

Want to learn more about what SharePoint can do for your business? Contact EC today at 604-888-7905 or email us at to request a consultation or quote!




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