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Security Audits

Data Security Audits

Audit your company’s security

Data security audits are a great way to assess what information you have and how it flows, and identifying who has access to it, in order to build a design flow document. Understanding how sensitive information moves into, through, and out of your business, as well as who has or could have access to this information is essential to assessing security risks.

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The IT experts at EC Managed IT can perform a data security audit for you and your business. During our security audit process, we will:
  • Review the privacy and information security requirements that affect your business.
  • Review your current contracts, policies, and procedures in order to see how they cover processes such as customer agreements, privacy guidelines, vendor agreements, web development, and access control procedures and agreements.
  • Review current legal and regulatory issues, including government mandates on privacy.
  • Train your staff on applicable data breach security notification laws.
  • Audit applicable technologies and data flows to create a process blueprint for facilitating improvements.
  • Define and build out enforcement procedures and establish appropriate actions for further improvement.