Business Case Study

EC Managed IT Delivers on Short Notice: ​​

Assisting BC Lions’ Downtown Office Move

Business Case Study

EC Managed IT Delivers on Short Notice:

Assisting BC Lions’ Downtown Office Move


When businesses undergo operational changes, it is not uncommon for the IT department to be left in the dark. However, overlooking the crucial role of technology in decision-making can lead to challenges and setbacks. In the case of the BC Lions, the Canadian Football League (CFL) franchise, their decision to open a new downtown office in Vancouver on short notice required swift and efficient IT support. Enter EC Managed IT, a reliable partner capable of delivering the impossible. This blog explores how EC Managed IT successfully tackled the challenge, showcasing the importance of an agile IT partner in such a scenario.  

The BC Lions' Ambitious Plans

In August 2021, Amar Doman acquired the BC Lions CFL franchise with a clear vision in mind: Transforming the team into a winning entity and revitalizing fan engagement at BC Place. As part of their strategic initiatives, the BC Lions aimed to expand from their Surrey head office and establish a new office in Vancouver’s downtown core. This office addition would not only give them a prominent presence in the city but also provide a convenient location for their marketing and business teams. 

 Quick IT consulting was required to plan, procure, deploy and operate a network from the ground up, including the operational challenge to employees of a new phone system while moving to a new location. 

EC Managed IT Springs into Action

With only a few weeks’ notice, EC Managed IT had to swiftly respond to the BC Lions’ operational change. While this task might have been insurmountable for some Managed IT Service providers, EC demonstrated their expertise and agility by immediately assessing the new environment. They quickly identified the need for a complete back-end network installation, configuration, and connection to the existing Surrey office.  The procurement and deployment of this new network equipment was completed a week before the move, ensuring stability and cybersecurity were built into the network. Additionally, the network had to be configured for deployment of a new phone communications system.   


Initial setup and testing was in place before the move, and to ensure a seamless transition, the team at EC provided on-site presence at the new Vancouver office over the weekend of the move, offering dedicated support to BC Lions’ staff members and assisting them in establishing connectivity. This personalized approach not only reassured the team but also ensured that they were fully operational and ready to work on move-in day. 

Exceeding Expectations

Despite the short notice, EC Managed IT went above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. Our team invested long hours during this brief period, planning and executing each step to ensure the new office was fully functional within the required timeline. By demonstrating their commitment, expertise, and efficiency, EC Managed IT effectively showcased the power of a strong Managed IT Services provider. 

The Importance of a Responsive IT Partner

The BC Lions’ experience highlights the significance of working with an IT partner that is fast, flexible, and well-equipped for IT project delivery. In an era where businesses are constantly evolving, having a trusted managed IT services provider by your side can be the difference between success and failure. EC Managed IT’s ability to adapt to the unexpected and swiftly provide tailored solutions ensured a smooth transition for the BC Lions’ downtown office. 


The BC Lions’ decision to establish a new downtown office in Vancouver on short notice required the support of a responsive and efficient IT partner. EC Managed IT rose to the challenge, deploying our resources and expertise to ensure a seamless transition. 

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