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Web Applications

Online Web Applications

Solve any problems with web applications

Enterprise software is a great tool for businesses because of all the web applications that are available to help solve any problems that might arise. One of the most popular web applications used is cloud computing, where a business’ entire infrastructure is run through the Internet.

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Some of the other common types of enterprise applications include:
  • Automated billing systems
  • Payment processing
  • Email marketing systems
  • Content management
  • Call center and customer support
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Business intelligence
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • HR Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Enterprise search
  • Messaging and collaboration systems

Experts in Web Application Development

Experienced and skilled in designing web applications

If you are looking for a web application for a very specific task but cannot find anything that suits your needs, we can help. The IT experts at EC Managed IT would be more than happy to help you design a web application that will fit your specific needs.