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Going the extra mile for you

At EC Managed IT, we highly value the opinion of our clients. Keep reading below to see what our clients have to say about our services.

I have been long wanting to express to you how I have appreciated working with your technicians and Bill Reid.

Both Corrie and Kye have been excellent technicians. They are very knowledgeable and good to work with. I have worked more with Kye and he is always very helpful and friendly and his knowledge base is huge. I have great confidence in him.

Bill has been especially good for us to have as a representative as he always keeps in close touch, looks out for us and makes sure I am getting everything I need. He responds very quickly to all requests and keeps me fully informed. I know there have been some difficulties transitioning from our old system to the new. There have been a number of times when system critical events have occurred and he has been a calm and stabilizing person to me personally during some tense technical issues, getting us through to a solution in the quickest way possible. Bill always explains fully what the issues are and always makes himself available. Bill has been a great representative for EC Managed IT!

I appreciate that because of your technicians and Bill, we have always had the best possible service in the timeliest way possible.

Many thanks,

~ Manfred Shulz
Regent Academy - Network Administrator

I wanted to let you know about the extraordinary service that we received from your Langley branch. In particular, I would like to thank Ben. We have had great difficulties with our Outlook BCM and Ben has been able to help us over the phone (without hesitation) I might add. Then the worst happened and we were down completely. Even though it took a couple of days to get us back to operation, everyone worked together as a team at your end. Having said that, I also wanted to thank Ernie from White Rock who got us up and running after a lot of work out of hours.

I also had to bring in my personal laptop a couple of weekends ago and again I got exemplary service from Anthony and Ben! I congratulate you on your staff. I have never come across a computer company that has impressed me as much as EC Managed IT.

~ Joan Dunn
Service Office Supplies Ltd.

The computer industry has proven to be one of the fastest changing industries. In an industry where there are many complexities we have found that there is no need to begin learning them as we have always had Express working in our best interest, breaking down all of the hype into simple, easy to understand information that we can base proper decisions upon.

~ Jack Bray
Managing Partner

Express has helped us expand and always listens to our concerns. We can always count on Express to respond immediately to our concerns and provide excellent, professional service.

~ Megan Brown

Faced with the task of building a computer network to integrate our existing operations with the features and functionality of the 21st century, Express Computer Service Center responded with keen interest, total commitment to quality, and sensitivity to price /performance. When problems occur, as they tend to in a multi-vendor environment, their response is timely and effective.

~ Rob Gaw
General Manager

I can honestly say that I totally trust this company. I will never go anywhere else. Thanks to all the staff there. I am a customer for life.

~ Dean Hull

Thanks Jessica, I appreciate your great service. You make this very simple.

~ Andrew J. Janzen
Managing Partner - Mardon Insurance

All the on site techs I have had from your shop have been very good. Same for the in house guys—just about any problem is no problem.

That said, Richard is very, very good. Every little nit picky thing I wanted done was a piece of cake for him. Most excellent!

~ Cory Pride